If you were Bilbo Baggins – the famous fictional hobbit from the Shire – would you have gone on the treacherous quest to take the treasure from under the dragon’s nose? Or would you have made excuses like "I’m only a hobbit and we’re just small and ordinary folk. And who would take care of my home and garden patch?”
When Gandalf the wizard chooses Bilbo to join the party of dwarves to go on the quest, in fear and total disbelief the hobbit declines the invitation citing numerous excuses as to why he’s not the right person for such a task. Gandalf then reminds Bilbo that when he was a young hobbit he was always running off into the woods in search of elves, and how that younger version of himself would have liked nothing better than to find out what was beyond the borders of the Shire.

What Gandalf sees is the potential in Bilbo, even though he’s oblivious to it himself.

After declining the quest invitation the night before, Bilbo awakens in the morning feeling enormous relief that Gandalf and the dwarves had left him in peace. But not long after he is overcome with regret about the missed opportunity. He feels that he’s letting his true destiny pass him by. Luckily, he succumbs to this inner prompting and chases after them.

Bilbo, of course, turns out to be the perfect person for the journey, partly due to his size and the fact that the smell of hobbit would be unfamiliar to the dragon and therefore an advantage in procuring the treasure. More than that though, he was born for the adventure. In other words, his soul wanted him to have the experience for soul evolution. And Gandalf arriving at his door was really destiny that came knocking.

Funnily enough, Bilbo’s life in the Shire prepared him for the quest he was born to undergo. This is confirmed along the journey time and time again to the surprise of everyone – especially Bilbo himself. You see, many people are aware that their soul journey awaits but they cling to the comfort of ‘the Shire.’ They doubt themselves and want certainty that if they do go, it will all go to plan. But as Gandalf said to Bilbo – there are no guarantees that you will return and if you do, you will not be the same hobbit.

I have found that even if a person has decided they will leave the hypothetical Shire, they can procrastinate, feeling inadequate and unready, when what is needed from them is to take the first steps.

What we find is that with each step of the way the path will present all that is needed for the soul to evolve, and if we stay on track or go astray, we can expect to receive guidance and help along the way.

While we need a direction and map, more critical is remembering that it’s not arriving at the destination but the journey itself that matters. The obstacles along the way serve a purpose and bring out inner qualities we may not have known existed, helping us transform forever.

Everyone needs a Gandalf in their lives to prompt, guide and see in them what at times they don't see in themselves. That is where soul guidance comes in.

If you’d like more direction in your life, to clear the blocks to your rightful path, or a helping hand in discovering and fulfilling your true destiny, get in touch with me today. More than a life coach, I offer spiritual guidance to break down the fear and help you live the life that you were meant to.

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