Skye has a natural intuitive ability to connect with a person’s highest self.Skye has helped me to get out of my own way to pursue my dream career. I held a block when it came to launching into my business, Skye was able to help me examine the situation and establish a path to move forward. Since working with Skye I have manifested many wonderful things extremely quickly!

– Kaylar


Skye guides you through your path and shows you a way to connect with the grace within, which frees the spirit.. Skye reminded me to not try and push away the many rocks in my stream.. rather to gently and kindly flow around them.. Thankyou Skye for being you. Love and Gratitude Karen.

– Karen


I reached out to Skye when I felt overwhelmed by a string of events in my life that left me searching for answers. Skye instantly made me feel understood. His calm, professional way of gently guiding your thoughts is admirable. He taught me to trust my intuition and to embrace the unknown, and I left the Intuitive reading session feeling reassured and uplifted. Highly recommend him!

– Vera


I truly recommend everyone take some time for their sense of self, to realize what needs to be shifted emotionally, to clear internal blockages and process feelings on a deeper level. I had a strong sensation of loss and feeling unloved. I tried over years to shift this by myself but needed help to work through these deep internal monologues so I could find freedom in my life! I realised that I needed help and that asking for this was a divine blessing. Humans are capable of miracles and working together creates a platform for reflection and growth. 

I found Skye's website at the right time and the divine force guided me to seek his expertise. His calm spirit and open heart made me feel safe and he took me on a surprising journey back to my childhood, the place where these feelings of loss and not being loved originated. In this process, I was able to let go with love and say goodbye to one of the most important people in my life. I had not realised before that this was the event where my blockages first started. My past has been healed in a great and powerful way with Skye's guidance. 

I am very grateful for his understanding demeanour and compassionate nature. He has a wealth of professional skills to take you on a journey of self-discovery. He can aid in helping you to find your soul purpose and restore balance in your life. I strongly recommend that you contact him as you deserve freedom and happiness from the binds which constrain you! It really has been a gift working with Skye. 


Working with Skye was both uplifting and grounding. I appreciate how present, gentle, and clear Skye was throughout the session. He makes it easy to laugh and feel joy. The depth of his listening is a gift, one I was honoured to receive. In one session I went from feeling uncertain about my desires to knowing my truth. I feel confident in my direction and sense of trust in the process.

-Kara Joy


My hypnotherapy and timeline regression with Skye was incredibly insightful. We were able to identify specific memories from early childhood that are currently contributing to negative thought patterns I am fighting. The hypnosis experience was very relaxing and I found it easy to slip into this state without any trouble. Skye's gentle demeanor and depth of knowledge in this area made the whole process very enjoyable. I look forward to my next session.

– Ava


I have been to see Skye several times now. I was initially quite skeptical about hypnotherapy. Skye is professional and friendly, and makes you completely at ease. Not only does his hypnotherapy work, but his ability to help you find the root of your habits or issues is incredible. Skye is insightful and perceptive, and teaches you how to take control of your choices and how to see your habits for what they truly are. I highly recommend his services, and cannot give him enough stars.

– Juliana


Working with Skye has allowed me to see certain aspects of my life and behaviour from a different angle. HIs calm, compassionate and thorough approach makes you feel safe instantly. I'd absolutely recommend Skye if you want to find out about underlying issues and why you do certain things you do.  I love his hypnotherapy sessions and listen to the recording daily. It makes me relax and feel more positive every day.

– Isabell


I approached Skye and the Manly centre for help with some health and lifestyle changes I wanted to alter. What I found was not only a very effective Hypnotherapist - an excellent counsellor - who helped me unravel the many issues that were now manifesting into physical issues. I chose to do 3 more sessions as the results were so profound and life changing. I will recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in any area of their lives. He comes with no judgement, just a lot of insight, skill and wisdom and a great sense of humour - a very gifted healer. Forever grateful.

– Gillian


I really didn’t know what to expect and had read many different reviews about hypnotherapy before I decided to actually do a session, for and against. I did some research and came across Skye, who had many great reviews. I was a little nervous at first but I decided to give it a try for myself and see what it was all about. 

I went with an intention for what I was going for but didn’t really expect anything to come from it although was open to the experience. 

It wasn’t until the end of the session when the shift happened for me. I was actually starting to think when is the hypnotherapy going to start as I wasn’t at all sure what actually happens in these sessions. 

He gave me some time to let thing land for me and then all of a sudden this feeling swept over me. 

I can’t really put into words what happened at the end. It was like I was at peace with myself and couldn’t stop laughing for quite a long time. I hadn’t felt that happy for a long time. Not that I’m not happy it was just a deeper level of it I hadn’t tapped into. I felt at ease and really like there was no worry in this world. 

I left feeling so happy and has continued on since my first session. I am a lot more at peace and am so content and grateful for where I am in this life.   I’m not really sure what he dose to be honest but from my experience so far it’s helped me shift some beliefs that I had and there is no doubt in my mind now about that they no longer exist. He has a very gentle nature and whatever he dose he dose it well  thank you and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in hypnotherapy I can’t speak for everyone but it worked for me! 

– Larissa